Finn og velg kurs

For new joiners, the Basic Level is the level to start with. 

Nivåer 0. Foundation Level1. Basic Level4. Intermediate Level A9. Grand Level A
2. Elementary Level A5. Intermediate Level B10. Grand Level B
3. Elementary Level B6. Higher Level A
7. Higher Level B
Best egnet til Kindergarden Students
(4-6 years old)
School StudentsSchool StudentsSchool Students
Varighet per nivå 4 to 5 months4 months4 months4 to 5 months
Sesjoner 30 mins / day2 hours per week2 hours per week2 hours per week
Nivåer levert av Kindergarden PersonnelCertified UCMAS Course InstructorsCertified UCMAS Course InstructorsCertified UCMAS Course Instructors
Forutsetninger Can Count
Can Read
Can Write
Lærdommen Introduction to numbers – counting, writing, and basic calculations. Introduction to the AbacusAddition / Subtraction – 1 & 2 digits Introduction to Times TablesAddition / Subtraction – 2 & 3 digits Multiplication – 2 digits x 1 digit Division 3 digits / 1 digitLarge number operations with decimal numbers, percentage, square roots, and order operations

* Foundation Level er valgfritt, men anbefales for barnehagebarn


Standardavgift 1500 NOK1500 NOK/month1500 NOK/month1500 NOK/month
Søsken 1000NOK1000 NOK/month1000 NOK/month1000 NOK/month

* Tilbys til 10-20% av alle studenter, fra familier med lav inntekt